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Before purchasing a Gate Openers DIY system, please review the following information, as well as the Installation Guide.

While we all want to save money, sometimes it makes sense and other times it doesn't. Installing an automated electric gate opener does require a certain level of mechanical and construction expertise.

A typical gate opener installation will require creating a foundation pad or base with concrete, drilling and assembling heavy metal pieces, carefully aligning sprockets and chain, and understanding the critical importance of safety, both while installing the gate opener, as well during its operation. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform a small amount of welding for bracket attachments or guides and this can be accomplished by a local welder at a reasonable cost.

Because this gate opener operates on 110 volts, a properly installed electrical outlet must be adjacent to where the gate opener motor assembly will be installed. This electrical outlet should be installed by a qualified electrician in compliance with all local building codes, including the the use a a Ground Fault Interruption (GFI) device.







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